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Texas WET has a controlled circulation of 3,200 with a pass-along readership of over 9,600*

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Dear Advertiser,

As someone who is directly involved in the delivery of high-quality products and services to the wastewater industry throughout Texas we know that you and your company have a vested interest in the industry’s well-being. As President of the Water Environment Association of Texas, representing professionals who are dedicated to preserving, restoring and enhancing our precious water resources, I can assure you that we share the desire to make our industry as strong, vibrant and progressive as possible.

To that end, we welcome you to Texas WET, our magazine that plays a vital role in our industry’s building and strengthening process. To meet the growing needs of our organization and our members, you will see a full-color magazine with exciting graphic design and timely and informative content. From featuring major projects and events, to providing timely news dealing with important issues, profiling industry professionals and helping our members become better prepared to meet the numerous challenges they face. Texas WET is becoming one of the most important communication vehicles within our industry.

As we strive to ensure that our magazine fulfills its important education and communication responsibilities, I urge you to take full advantage of its potential to effectively promote your company’s products and services, and to demonstrate your commitment to and support of the wastewater industry in our great state. When you are contacted by a representative of our publisher, Kelman & Associates, I sincerely encourage you to make the most of this high-impact and meaningful marketing opportunity by including Texas WET in your promotional plans for the year ahead. It is definitely a win-win for all concerned.



Kristin O'Neill P.E.
President, Water Environment Association of Texas

We invite you to be a part of our important industry magazine!

We invite you to be a part of our important industry magazine!

This highly qualified audience is made up of key decision makers with buying authority and influence – the CORE of your market. All copies of each issue are individually addressed to qualified decision makers whose positions include:

  • Public/private treatment plant operators and managers
  • Wastewater consultants
  • Scientists
  • Environmentalists
  • Regulators
  • Government officials
  • Academics
  • Engineers


Interactive Edition Available Online

Interactive Edition Available Online

With print and electronic communication operating hand-in-hand, you can take advantage of the fact that Texas Wet Magazine is also available online in a highly interactive format.

Flip-through pages, the sounds of turning pages, and even shading along the spine all enhance your reading experience. This is the world’s first full html5 solution on the market giving you the same interactive experience as the flash version. In addition to the book layout, you can also select a presentation view that presents single pages rather than the traditional double page layout.

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