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About Water Environment Association of Ontario (WEAO)

WEAO is all about Ontario's water environment. From preservation and innovation to building long-lasting industry relationships, we want to make a difference.

Who We Are

We’re a diverse, passionate group of technical and professional individuals working to ensure the future of our water and environment industries.


Essential to all professionals dedicated to sustaining Ontario’s water environment.

Be A Part Of Our Important Industry Magazine!

Be A Part Of Our Important Industry Magazine!

As the official membership publication of the Water Environment Association of Ontario, Influents is committed to providing a strong and informative voice in all matters pertaining to the exchange of water quality knowledge and experiences among its members and the public and to foster a greater awareness of water quality achievements and challenges throughout Ontario.


Interactive Edition Available Online

Interactive Edition Available Online

A user-friendly, interactive format that includes:

  1. Beautiful reading experience - presenting a beautiful digital edition that looks and feels like a real book; from flipping through the pages, realistic page turn sounds and even spine shading all adding to a highly engaging reader experience.
  2. A share feature to share the digital publication amongst friends and colleagues via social networks including Facebook and Twitter or via email.
  3. Active hyperlinks to all websites and emails contained in the publication.
  4. Active links to the specific stories from the front cover and contents page.
  5. Active links to advertiser websites from their ads.
  6. Searchable and zoomable content.
  7. The ability to add notes and bookmarks.
  8. And more...

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