Denturism Canada/Denturologie Canada, in its role as the official publication of the Denturist Association of Canada, is committed to providing high quality information of a scientific nature in a timely and entertaining matter. Denturism Canada/Denturologie Canada is also dedicated to providing a forum for exchange of professional opinion along with national, international and provincial news.


Theme: Denture Hygiene

Space Closing: Early February
Distribution: Mid-March
*Bonus Distribution at Technorama Virtual


Theme: The Evolution of Removables

Space Closing: Late April
Distribution: Early June
*Bonus Distribution at Perfecting Your Practice


Theme: Selecting a Lab Partner

Space Closing: Early July
Distribution: Mid-August
*Bonus Distribution at The DAC Annual Conference


Theme: Hands-Free Office

Space Closing: Late October
Distribution: Early December

*Covers are subject to change

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Member & Source Guide

Member & Source Guide

The Denturist Member and Source Guide is an invaluable source of information for practicing denturists across Canada. Detailing membership services and province-by-province membership listings, this easy-to-use resource manual also offers denturists an overview of provincial fee structures, practical guidelines for providing a variety of professional services and the Buyers’ Guide product source directory. It is a vital resource for the day-to-day practice of denturism in Canada. The distribution of 1,500 includes all members of the Denturist Association of Canada (except Quebec) as well as related professionals and organizations.

Space Closing: Late January | Distribution: March

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Company Profiles

Company Profiles

As a key player in the denturism industry, we invite you to participate in an exclusive offer to showcase your company to over 2,300 industry decision makers nationally. Your company has the option of being featured in a full page, half page or quarter page profile published in an upcoming edition. It is a great opportunity to present your company and its products, services and features to industry leaders across Canada.

Option #1:
Full Page Profile
500 words plus photo and logo
Cost: $2,050

Option #2:
Half Page Profile
250 words plus photo and logo
Cost: $1,550

Option #3:
Quarter Page Profile
125 words plus photo and logo
Cost: $1,025

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To reach denturists across Canada through Denturism Canada/Denturologie Canada, Denturist Member and Source Guide and Company Profiles and their targeted readership, contact Chad at your earliest convenience to discuss your company’s promotional plans.

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