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Latest Articles

All women crew mans Monte Cristi: ALL WOMEN ON DECK

It was a moment in history that was bound to be, when superstition and folly about women on board gave way to a time when women piloted ships and performed tasks that were hitherto considered by men to be too much for the ‘fair and gentle’. Yet even as that new era arrived, women hold only about one in every fifty jobs in the world’s sea-going workforce.

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The sun was high and there was barely a cloud in the sky. However, vendors who depended on the brisk weekend trade on the beaches on the south and west of Kingston, Jamaica found only deserted stretches of white sand in the first week of July.

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BARBADOS CRUISE: Opportunities and potential amid concerns and uncertainty

There was anguish, fear and uncertainty in Barbados, depending on whom you talk with, about the current state of tourism and the country’s cruise ship business. The voices of concern reached a crescendo this past summer with Barbadians – from Tourism Minister Kerrie Symmonds to vendors and taxi drivers – in unison.

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Cruise tourism continues to be a supply-led industry in that demands increases as more cruise ships are built. On the other hand, the rest of the transportation industry, including the ferry services, remains a derived demand and demonstrates the fluctuations of the market.

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US Virgin Islands: Plans to Upgrade

The US Virgin Islands Governor Kenneth E. Mapp has announced plans for upgrading infrastructure and creating additional berthing capacity to accommodate larger cruise vessels at Crown Bay and at the West Indian Company (WICO) docks.

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US Virgin Islands: Carnival in music

Carnival Corporation has committed to a music programme in the US Virgin Islands that will see the cruise giant providing musical instruments to the territory’s Department of Education. In addition to having corporate

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UK upgrades Caribbean relief capabilities

Following the horrors of the 2017 hurricane season, the United Kingdom came under criticism in the Caribbean for its slow response to the disasters that hit its British Overseas Territories (BOT). In the Caribbean region,

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