With print and electronic communication operating hand-in-hand you can take advantage of the fact that Show-Me magazine is also available online in a highly interactive format.

  1. A realistic reading experience – This digital edition looks and feels like a real book: flip-through pages, the sounds of turning pages, and even shading along the spine
    all enhance your reading experience. This is the world’s first full html5 solution on the market giving you the same interactive experience as the flash version. In addition to
    the book layout, you can also select a presentation view that presents single pages rather than the traditional double page layout.
  2. Mobile, iPad, iPhone compatibility – The html5 resizes the publication automatically so that you can view the directory on most mobile devices.
  3. eReader output – The eReader output option allows you to download ‘eBook’ files so that you can read the directory on the growing number of eReaders such as Kindle,
    Nook and iBooks.
  4. Thumbnail view – You can select to show a thumbnail-style navigation panel that allows you to view the entire publication at once.
  5. A share feature – You can share the digital publication with friends and colleagues via social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, or via email or google.
  6. Active hyperlinks connect you with all websites and emails contained in the publication.
  7. Active links connect you to specific stories from the front cover and contents page.
  8. Active links connect you to advertiser websites from their ads and the ad index.
  9. Searchable and zoomable content allows you to search the entire issue for specific words, phrases, subjects, etc.
  10. You can make Show-Me magazine's content even more valuable by adding your own personal notes and bookmarks throughout each issue.